I got six papers with the words marked bold and i was forced (persuaded) to make a story

A man took an oath to stay a bachelor, because marriage takes a lot of hard work and planning, but there’s two more reasons as to why the thought of marrying someone makes the young man frigid.

He’s sitting there, his hands fidgeting as he lists off the reasons in his mind. The now married couples are dancing joyfully, beaming at each other with the sickeningly sweet love in their eyes evident.

The second reason is, marriage kind of feels like being trapped in a cage with someone, forever, unless you get a divorce, which leads to the third reason. Falling out of love and getting a divorce. Too much work, in his opinion.

Some of his friends that are in relationships bring the topic about marriage up, and it always makes the atmosphere a bit more dismal. Even though he thinks differently about marriage, he doesn’t mind being invited to one, but it does make him a bit jealous when he sees just how happy the bride and the groom are.

But then he reminds himself that he doesn’t want that. He wants a single life full of excitement and adventure. And so he sits there on the fancy white chair with a glass of wine in his hand like he usually does, a little smile playing on his lips.

If someone wants to get married, then it’s their choice. He won’t interfere.



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